Leapfrog vs. VTech Kids vs. Nabi: Children's Educational Toys Compared
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Leapfrog vs. VTech Kids vs. Nabi: Children's Educational Toys Compared

Leapfrog has motion-based learning console that’s effective for helping kids burn off energy as they learn. Vtech has many devices that meld traditional toys like stuffed animals with more modern and digital options such as downloadable material in the form of MP3 files. Navi has tablets designed for children that retain much of the power aimed at adults.
Covered in this report
Leapfrog — Best Features
LeapTV allows children to learn through interactive video games.
Many games encourage learning through movement for those with trouble sitting still.
Best for: Parents who want to appeal to children who have trouble sitting still.
Best deal: Up To 40% Off Leapfrog Products From Amazon - [activate coupon]
VTech Kids — Best Features
Quick method of finding educational toys that will work specifically for your children.
First-Time desks for first time students.
Best for: Those with very young kids who want more traditional educational toys.
Best deal: $30 Off $150 + Free Shipping - [activate coupon]
Nabi — Best Features
DreamTab tablets are educational children's tablets with more power.
Free shipping for orders over $75 total.
Best for: Parents looking for age-appropriate tools for children that are still powerful.

You wouldn’t believe just how sophisticated children’s education is becoming. Here are some examples of this sophistication, including some info on how to pick and choose between the tools that will help your students the most.



Leapfrog has modern learning tools designed to help children used to growing up in a highly computerized age.


  • Educational Gaming System LeapTV-LeapTV is a system much like more conventional ones such as the Nintendo Wii. The difference is that it’s focused on helping children learn various important concepts while at the same time being active, instead of being purely for entertainment.
  • Kinetic Learning-Devices like the LeapTV help children to learn through being active, through running around and moving. This works well for children who have trouble sitting still in school because it actually encourages movement.
  • Frozen, Disney Princess, and Others-The LeapTV system has more than 100 games and apps available, many of which allow your students to learn through the stories that they already love. This will make it more likely that they’ll get into learning.

Vtech Kids


Vtech Kids is definitely more of a traditional kids store when it comes to educational toys. They split up to boys and girls toys, for example. They also have a lot of educational toys for young children.


  • First-Time Desks-Young children will enjoy being able to have their own desk for learning officially for the first time.
  • Snuggle and Sleep Musical Sheep-You can download MP3 files into this stuffed animal in order to have it play whatever you want, including Learning Lodge options.
  • Learning Lodge-This line of digital learning apps works with a huge variety of devices on Vtech including the Tote and Go Laptop, the ABC Learning Classroom, the Lil SmartTap, and many others. It’s basically a melding of more traditional looking educational tools with more modern and digital approaches.



Nabi has close connections to Mattel and other famous toy companies. They have wearables, a big tab, more standard tablets, and other options for educating children. They also have the Nabi Complete watch line as well.


  • DreamTab Tablets for Children-These are tablets still designed to be used by children for educational purposes, but they have more power than a lot of children’s tablets do in general.
  • Free Shipping Over $75-This amount should be easy to hit since many of the tablets go for twice as expensive or more.
  • Strong Support Options-You can call during business hours up to 7PM EST weekdays at 1-855-363-NABI in order to get help with your order.
  • Free 30-day Trial of Nabi Pass-You can try out this subscription which gives you access to learning-specific material as well as movies, music and other options that will appeal to children heavily. That way you can see whether the style will work for you.

Head to head


An example of pricing on Leapfrog includes their “LeapStart” system. The kindergarten and preschool version of this goes for $40. It includes 50 key skills per level. There are 16 books for it, though you have to purchase each of these separately. LeapTV cartridges go for about $20 each, including Blaze and the Monster Machines, Sports games, and others.

The InnoTV gaming system from Vtech Kids is somewhat comparable to the LeapTV system from Leapfrog. The difference is that InnoTV is mostly a simple gaming controller and not a Wii-type for motion like the one LeapTV has. The cost of the InnoTv is $25, though you can’t buy it on the site. You have to go to Amazon, Target, or other places to get it.

The Nabi DreamTab goes for $180. It’s definitely more expensive than other options, but it also has way more power and versatility. It’s an HD8 tablet that still has your children and their education in mind, but it has power more akin to a full tablet for adults.


Leapfrog has a very modern approach to learning with systems like LeapTV which mirrors game systems like Wii. They can learn through moving around. This can go a long way to helping children settle down later on since they can burn off excess energy while learning at the same time. The tools use popular media options like Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Octonauts, Frozen, and many others besides. There are also Leapfrog tablets and devices called “LeapPads.” In other words, the focus is on mirroring devices your children will be familiar with already anyway, namely mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Vtech Kids has many toys aimed at a more traditional child learning approach such as the first-time desks. However, they do have a modern approach called the “Learning Lodge.” This system of apps works for devices such as the Kidizoom line including cameras and smartwatches. This also includes the Snuggle and Sleep Musical Sheep, MobiGo, V.Reader, and others. There’s definitely a bent toward very young children here in comparison to Leapfrog, since the tabs are kiddie looking and highly durable for those prone to dropping them.

Nabi gives children a fuller tablet experience so they can go through music and videos for learning just like many adults do. Their equipment is considerably more expensive than Nabi or Leapfrog as a result, but the fact that you get a lot more power and the versatility inherent in a more powerful tablet for children is worth noting. Another advantage of Nabi is that it has extensive information on the “support” screen for how to handle different aspects of the Nabi, such as First Time Setup, OTA updates, and others.

Overall, the products and features of the different educational sites are comparable, but they are distinctly different in the way they lean. Leapfrog focuses on ease of use and alternatives to common gaming systems that get you to move around. In other words, it has a kinesthetic feel to it. Vtech is more like a melding of traditional toys like toy desks and stuffed animals with modern approaches like the digital additions. All the systems have numerous popular media connected to them, like Disney Princess options for Vtech and Star Wars stuff for Nabi with Finding Nemo there for Leapfrog.

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